Better To Reign In Hell Than Serve In Heaven

I guess I wasn’t feeling ok 

I thought that space & time went back & forth & sideways 

I’m putting out fires all over the place 

I guess it knocked me sideways 

Uppercase and underlined 

We are as prickly as a couple of porcupines 

I’m putting out fires all over the place 

Pick a letter lower down the alphabet 

I spy with my little eye something beginning with c 

I arrange my records alphabetically 

I’m putting out fires all over the place 

Pick a letter lower down the alphabet 


She make me go uh

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“Have you ever heard of this method of torture? A prisoner is suspended from above like this. And then with his feet just on the verge of touching the ground, he’s left hanging.
Never ending “hope” wears people out. “Someday, someday.” That thought alone is enough for humans to drive themselves to ruin. And the only way to escape it is to forget completely that the ground exists.” — Ganymede // Olympos (via mr-anxiety)

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greek mythology: hades x persephone

persephone sits on the arm of hades’ throne of onyx and skulls. her arms are wrapped around his neck, palms resting on the marble of his bare chest. her head is light on his shoulder and her lips brush the lobe of his ear just barely as she whispers the stories of mortals into his ear. hades is cold, a skeleton come to life, shadow and bones made into a god. the underworld has hardened him, and years have passed since he’s been to the surface, since he’s seen the world of the humans. his wife’s stories are all he knows of it.

she tells him of machines, of devices. skyscrapers, camera phones and apps. she tells him about love, about human lives, stories of starlight. he hasn’t seen the stars in a long time but when she whispers to him he remembers. 

he loves persephone. he loves her stories and her tenderness. the underworld has hardened her but her core remains as sweet. sometimes she angers him. sometimes for entertainment. winter makes her moody and her stubbornness is only matched by his. sometimes they clash but he loves her still.

and she loves him too. she’s spent centuries hating him, but it’s gotten old, the fighting’s become uninteresting. it took a while but the hate has given in to something else as she began to understand him and at times to even care for him.

she teaches him to live, explains emotions and feelings to him. in exchange he teaches her about power and she learns she has power over him too. she learns how to use it and at times he allows it.


Success is the only Option!

Going Huge

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Dean Cornwell, It’s Hard to Explain Murder, 1920




Gentlemen and women, take note. [x]

Who needs to take note when apparently there are magical, self-tying bowties.




Ben Barnes graphic (edited by vipvictor)