Better To Reign In Hell Than Serve In Heaven
hayden-of-hades asked:
Hazel/ Hayden because it almost happened.


Who cooks:

  • They both usually go out to nice obscure places that Hayden finds in or around town. Occasionally Hazel is struck into a generous mood and attempts to cook for the both of them. It almost always ends terribly.

Who does the laundry and other chores:

  • They have housekeepers for that.

How many children do they have:

  • None. Neither are big fans of kids so they decided it was probably best to keep procreating from happening.

Who’s more dominate:

  • Hazel likes to think that she is, but it’s really Hayden.

Favorite nonsexual activity:

  • People watching. They find it amusing to see how people interact when they don’t know they’re being observed.

Their favorite place to be together:

  • Hazel likes being in the car or on the couch. The car because even if there’s a lapse in conversation there’s constantly other things to preoccupy her mind while still staying within his company. And the couch because it’s a calming and relaxing place for her.

Any traditions:

  • [Truthfully, I’m not sober enough to think this one out rn. If I’m reminded I’ll come back to this later.]

Their “song”:

  • Toes by LIGHTS (the “you’ve captured my attention” line in particular.)

What they do for each other on holidays:

  • Where did they go for their honeymoon:

Where did they first meet:

  • A party held by Audrey Valentine their sophomore and junior year.

Any pets:

  • Hayden has a dog while Hazel refuses to get rid of her cat.

What do they fight over:

  • Hazel gets frustrated when She can’t understand exactly what Hayden’s thinking. It makes her feel out if control, even though she’s never really actually in control at all. And Hayden gets annoyed when Hazel gets her completely ridiculous and stubborn moods.

Do they go on vacations, if so where:

  • A nice European trip every so often.

Ship name [added by me]:

  • Hayzel/Haden. [I’m so amused that it’s still one of their names.]
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Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

In the new book Cabinet of Curiosities (out now via Harper), visionary director and filmmaker of Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy and Pacific Rim, Guillermo Del Toro presents — according to the volume’s subtitle — “My Notebooks, Collections, and Other Obsessions.” In other words, the books offers the rare opportunity for an all-access peek into the working methods of the acclaimed movie maker. The lavishly illustrated coffee-table book pulls from Del Toro’s notebooks, drawings, journals, behind-the-scenes photos, and more.




i finally scanned this now my brother isn’t at home so he won’t catch me with cute pics 

let’s say it’s one of the first nights of winter, when persephone has just come back home.

    She can’t remember a time when she wasn’t in his arms. Warm and strong, it brought her such peace each fall every time he welcomed her home. Sometimes he waited on the docks when Charon brought her across, other times he was caught up with his work that he forgot the time. Not this time, however. He drew her close, and he pulled her down the hall. The journey was long, he knew, and even though he usually wasn’t nearly as tired he would find the time to rest with her.
    So he held her close, his fingers in her hair, holding her close as if it wasn’t close enough. She loved it, and she smiled as she rested against his chest, holding onto his arm.
    It was good to be home.

leave me here to die

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Amazing Aluminum Human Wire Sculptures

Korean artist Seung Mo Park created these incredible human figure sculptures using tightly wrapped layers of aluminum wire based on fiberglass forms. The works shown here are part of the Brooklyn-based artist’s Human series where he recreates the delicate wrinkles and folds of clothing as well as the sinuous musculature of the human body in metallic layers reminiscent of tree rings. He’s also sculpted bicycles, musical instruments and other forms as part of his Object series.


I am what you made me.

I have grown to love secrecy. It seems to be the one thing that can make modern life mysterious or marvelous to us. The commonest thing is delightful if only one hides it.

alphabet of man candy;  → [B]  Ben Barnes

Claude Monet, Storm at Belle-Isle


Holy smoke! I didn’t find the movie so great, but some scenes are just… Well, you know what I mean…

“At fifteen you had the radiance of early morning, at twenty you will begin to have the melancholy brilliance of the moon.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise (via incandence)

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Let us pause for a moment and admire Ben Barnes’ perfection.